What is Shoutcast?

Shoutcast is a very simple solution to broadcast audio or video across the internet. In fact it is the most stable and solid server solution to stream media across the internet and over the past two decades has become the industry standard for this use.Typically SHOUTcast is used by professionals and not to mention the 1000s radio enthusiasts around the world primarily to create internet radio although some use it for broadcasting live webcasts and special events.


Who is using SHOUTcast hosting services from Citrus3?

It all starts with the typical music enthusiast. The guy who is so in love with indie or rock music just wants to be heard and show off his latest collection to the world. The next would be an established radio station who wants to not only be heard on FM but online so when people are out of range they can still listen (remember shoutcast is global). Schools practice learning and communication skills using shoutcast and internet radio. One of our other most popular clients are religious organisations and churches. From gospel soul, to gospel rock music and talk radio these clients will broadcast their thoughts and beliefs to the world.

Shoutcast Hosting