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Serving Internet Radio Stations For 10+ Years

We thrive to help radio stations learn and grow to their maximum potential
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Want to get in touch? Email us at support@citrus3.zendesk.com

We strive to provide our customers with world class support!

Citrus 3 isn't just about radio hosting!

We’re a team that thrives to help broadcasting hobbyists and professionals learn and grow to their maximum potential.

We love radio

With internet radio growing at a rapid rate each year, an ever growing client base and possibly the best team behind us we’re loving what we do and would love to have you come along for the ride.

Brighton, UK based

We're a team of hard working, bright individuals who enjoy working hard, while having fun at the same time. Founded in 2009 with the passion to bring low cost internet radio broadcasting services.

Our mission

We supply internet broadcasters with tools to grow to their maximum potential. We want broadcasters to focus on whats important to them and not have to worry about any headaches in between.