Setting up Mixxx for live broadcasting

This tutorial will guide you through the setup process of Mixxx for live broadcasting.

Download and install the broadcasting software Mixxx:
WIN 32 bit:
WIN 64 bit:

Restart your computer after the install is complete

Download and install the mp3 broadcasting plugin. Mixxx requires the lame encoder in order to broadcast live.

WIN 32 bit:
WIN 64 bit:

Open the downloaded files.

On a Mac the plugin is automatically installed.

On Windows open the folder
Copy the file “lame_enc.dll” and paste it into the folder where you installed mixxx e.g. for example C:\Program Files\Mixxx\


Click ‘Options’ then ‘Preferences

Click ‘Live Broadcasting’ on the left side

Select ShoutCast 1

Fill in your ‘server ip’ into the ‘Host’ field. Your server IP is shown in the control panel under ‘How to connect’

Fill in your port into the ‘Port’ field. Your port is shown in the control panel under ‘How to connect’

Leave the username field empty

Fill in your password in the ‘Password’ field. Your password is shown in the control panel under ‘How to connect’

Under ‘Stream Name’ enter your radio or show name.

Tick the box ‘Turn on live broadcasting when applying these settings’

Finally press ‘Apply’

Your mixxx software is now connected and broadcasting live. You can now play music through mixxx.

To enable your microphone go to “View —-> “Show microphone section”

In case your microphone is not enabled please do the following:
MIXXX —> Preferences —–> Sound Hardware —–> Click the “Input” tab and select your microphone next to the microphone section. Press OK

When you finish your live broadcast, close Mixxx. Your live stream will be disconnected and your AutoDJ will automatically resume.

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